Starting Orders Wednesday 26 / Órdenes de Salida Miércoles 26

Wednesday 26, 3 classes, 1 CSI1*YH and 2 CSIO5* / Miércoles 26, 3 pruebas, 1 correspondiente al CSI1* de Caballos Jóvenes y 2 del CSIO5*.


Prueba Nº1 “DICAR” CSI1*YH / Class Nº1 “DICAR” CSI1* YH

Baremo A sin desempate: En igualdad de puntos, prevalece el mejor tiempo. Prueba de velocidad para caballos de 6 y 7 años. 1,30m/1,35m. 2.500€

Table A. Art 238.2.1 In case of equality of penalties and time for first place, there will not be a jump-off and the competitors will be classed “ex-aequo”. 1,30m/1,35m. 2500€

Orden Salida Prueba 1 / Starting Order Class 1  Recorrido / Course Plan


Prueba Nº2 “GIROA – VEOLIA” CSIO5* / Class Nº2 “GIROA- VEOLIA” CSIO5*

Baremo A sin desempate. Primera prueba correspondiente al CSIO. Prueba de velocidad. 1,40m. 7500€

Table A. Art 238.2.1. In case of equality of penalties and time for first place, there will not be a jump-off and the competitors will be classed “ex-aequo”. 1,40m. 7.500€.

Orden Salida Prueba 2 / Starting Order Class 2 Recorrido / Course Plan



Baremo de grupos con recorrido de ganadores. Se componen 5 o 6 grupos de 10 binomios dependiendo del número de matriculados. Cada ganador de los 5/6 grupos (puntos y tiempo) pasa directamente al jump-off. Pasan también los 5/6 mejores binomios no ganadores de grupo. En caso de que alguno de los binomios hubiese cometido penalidad, pasaría limpio al desempate. 1,50m. 24.500€

Competition in groups with winning round. Art 275. The rider will be divided in 5 or 6 groups. The best rider of each group and the 5/6 best riders of all competitors will qualify for the winning round. All riders taking part in the winning round will start with 0 penalties.1,50m. 24.500€

Orden Salida Prueba 3 / Starting Order Class 3  Recorrido / Course Plan

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Gijón set for CSIO5* 2015

Only Ukraine chasing Furusiyya points in Gijón.10 teams will take part.

Philippe Le Jeune CSIO Gijón

Sergio Baizán/ @csiogijon   Javier Díaz/@javidiaz_

The event from August 26 to August 31 includes the penultimate leg in Division Two of the Furusiyya FEI Nations Cup. The Nations Cup is scheduled for Saturday and it will be broadcasted on FEITV.

The Canadian Eric Lamaze, the Irish Cian O`Connor and the Saudi Abdullah Al Sharbatly are some of the big names who will jump in Las Mestas hippodrome. Over two hundred pairs will take part between CSIO5* and CSI1*YH.

Also the nº1 of the spanish riders, Sergio Álvarez Moya will compete here, after his sixth place in the European Championship in Aachen with “Carlo 273″.

All the equestrian action begins on Wedneday with 3 classes, 1 CSI1*YH and 2 CSIO5*. A total of 455.000€ in purse money across 15 competitions. This year Gijón CSIO5* will integrate 8 competitions that count to the FEI Longines World Ranking. Grand Prix qualifies to Rio Olimpic Games 2016. Avelino Rodriguez Miravalles will be the course designer.

Gijón served as the equestrian home for the European Young Riders Championship in 2001 and as Samsung Nations Cup Final in 1999.

List of Riders and Horses:ón.pdf



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